The cause we support

When we can, we use our concerts to raise money for causes we care about. We don't make any profit and we pay as much of the concert costs as we can afford ourselves, aiming to donate up to 100% of money from ticket sales to charity. Our last concert in May 2019 raised $9,220 for First Hand. 

First Hand is a Singapore-registered group of volunteers dedicated to helping vulnerable children and families in Cambodia.  Since 2008, First Hand has partnered with inspirational NGOs to help protect children at risk of child trafficking/exploitation and more recently, to help women facing crisis pregnancy.  


Money raised by First Hand is sent directly to NGO partners and volunteers go in person to check on funded projects and to deliver donations-in-kind ‘first hand'. All personal and travel costs are borne by volunteers and the Committee is completely voluntary with no salaried employees.

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